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Sunday, September 5, 2010

ss jg gnoiwn,,,,vn fia i if;p: (that's my 7-month-old typing "happy fathers day, daddy!")

It's Fathers Day in Australia!

Today I have a very special guest poster... my son Levi. Pretty impressive for a seven-month-old, right? It's his first ever post so be sure to show him lots of support and give him some "comment love". He's turning out to be a fabulous writer already... and he sure is a looker.

Dear Daddy,

Happy first Fathers Day to you! Well, technically it’s your second, but last year it was just you and mama celebrating while I was tucked up on the inside still. As much as I liked that, this year is way more fun.

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Mama had lots of ideas about how we should spend this day together and what sort of pressies we could give you, and I thought that was all great. But I also wanted to write you a letter… pretty much to say…

I love you.

I know you waited a long time for me, and trust me, I waited a long time too. (Do you know how long nine months is in baby time? Seriously.) But I think it was worth the wait, because you are the best dad I ever laid eyes on.

You’re my favorite.

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Some kids say that their dads aren’t around much, but I don’t get what they’re talking about. You have always, always made time for me. I love that about you. You’re the kind of dad who rushes home on your lunch break and after work just so you can be with me. In fact, sometimes you even like to do things like change my diaper because you know that means a few extra minutes of just daddy and son time.

I think that’s really cool. Not all dads are like that you know.

{you've gotten much better at some things since that first day...}

And oh daddy, I love how you play with me! Your crash tackles are pretty much the best thing ever. I can’t wait until I’m big enough to crash tackle you right back. Watch out… I’m growing fast!

I also love helping you with your tools and helping you with your food. (I like it when you help me with mine too.) Actually, I like helping you with everything… especially when it means I get to try something new to put in my mouth. (Wrenches taste sooo good.)

And you know the best part of my day? Bath time! You make bath time sooo much fun, and you never get mad at me when I splash you. And I love it when you wrap me up like a mummy in my hoodie towel afterwards. I feel so special when you take me and show me to mama. She calls me her burrito baby and then you and I go off to get ready for bed. I look forward to those special times together every night.

Bnspajaoijw  apwop oipawekasssssffoNO  Opawsaaaaaaaaaaaafn

And the walks, oh how I love our walks together. You take me around the neighorhood and stop whenever I look curiously at something. You tell me about your day and ask about mine. You teach me about colors and things that we see together on the street or in the park.

Did I mention that you’re such a good dad? Oh, how you are.

Mama thinks you’re a great dad too. She tells me about it all the time. She loves how you get up with me early in the morning, and how you’re always willing to comfort me when I cry. She loves that you love me so much and she tells me that you would do nearly anything for us. She’s pretty in love with you.

So am I.

She also says we're two peas in a pod. When I get bigger we'll see how right she is about that... but for now I like being told I look like my daddy.

I know you can’t wait to take me fishing and to play soccer and golf and go out to watch the football. And it won’t be long before I’ll be helping you make stuff in the shop and cooking dinner with you. But right now I’m just little. I still really love your cuddles and your kisses and your stories and songs. (I also enjoy your jokes - mama says enjoy it, cuz that might not last.)

Oh, but the songs... Yes, I love, love, love your songs! (Even though you never get the words right.) Actually, I love it best when you can’t get the words right because then I get to hear two of my favourite sounds – you singing and mama laughing. It’s the best!

You’re so funny dad.

{i remember when you were first learning to dress me. you really had no idea, did you?}

I hope you know how much I love you. One day soon I’ll be telling you myself with words. But for now just know that when I look at you and smile, when I giggle, when I nestle into your neck, when I’m calmed by your cuddles, and when I’m relaxing in your strong arms… that’s when I’m telling you I love you.

{best day of my life yet daddy - my birthday. isn't it easy to see how much i love you?}

Akei mc,cc…,,,,,,,,,,,J WIW PIE mvm jaw ef nvqgve v m

Happy Fathers Day, daddy. You are the best dad a kid could ever ask for or dream of.

I’ll love you forever.

     love and slobbery kisses, Levi   xxox

p.s. Since I’m still learning how to type, mama helped me with this letter. I did  some of the typing myself (the really good bits), but she did most of it. (She takes great dictation.)

Dear mommy-friends, for those of you blessed to have amazing husbands or partners who are great fathers to your kids... why don't you take a moment today to tell them again how grateful you are. What's the best thing about your baby's dad?

so grateful for my baby's father,

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At September 5, 2010 at 12:09 AM , Blogger Sommer J said...

This is the best guest post I've ever read! What a sweetie ;) Happy Father's Day to your Daddy!

At September 5, 2010 at 1:10 AM , Blogger Mandy said...

Oh my gosh, that it the sweetest thing ever! Levi will read this some day and be so thankful. He makes a pretty good guest blogger, too!! I love all of those photos. Happy Father's day to your Husband!

At September 5, 2010 at 5:05 AM , Blogger Pam said...

Oh...this was a great post. And just to make you feel better--my husband STILL has trouble dressing babies (be they his children or his children's baby dolls)--and he's been at it for almost five years now!

At September 5, 2010 at 6:14 AM , Blogger Casey Martinez said...

What a sweet post! Happy Daddy's day to yah in Australia:). Those pictures are awesome!! Makes me want to get more of my hubby and daughter since I often forget too!

At September 5, 2010 at 7:03 AM , Blogger Melissa B. said...

Happy Daddy's Day! Your little guy sure is cute.

At September 5, 2010 at 10:39 AM , Blogger Getrealmommy said...

What a sweet gift for your husband. Great pics too! Happy Australian Style Father's Day. As a true American Stereotype, are you toasting with Fosters tonight? ;)

At September 5, 2010 at 1:26 PM , Blogger Jhen.Stark said...

Happy Aussie Father's Day! What a great gift for Levi to do! I love that you had him guest post this letter and I love that we got to read it. So precious!

At September 5, 2010 at 3:21 PM , Blogger Kate Maggie said...

This brought me to tears! I love how much Levi loves his dad :)!! I loved this Adriel. Good job little levi, you are an amazing writer already! xx Happy Fathers Day Ryan!!!!!

At September 5, 2010 at 6:21 PM , Blogger Rachel said...

jason was reading this post over my shoulder and he busted up when he saw the one of Ryan trying to figure out how to button Levi's jumpsuit! But then he confessed that he really hopes we're having a boy because he thinks there is no way in the world he's going to figure out girl's clothes! Hope all three of you had a wonderful day! This is the first father's day I've spent with my dad in goodness knows how long!

At September 6, 2010 at 2:17 AM , Blogger Alana, Author of Domestically Challenged said...

This was so sweet! I too am blessed with a great husband who is a fantastic dad!

Happy Father's Day!

At September 6, 2010 at 7:51 AM , Blogger Heather said...

Sweetest pictures ever!! Laughed so hard at the one where daddy dressed him, and completely melted over the last two pictures.

Gotta love the involved dads! I don't know how the single mama's do it, I'm so grateful that my husband and I work as a team raising our kids. But I'm happiest knowing that our children have a dad who truly cares and wants to be a part of every possible moment with them that he's able to.

At September 9, 2010 at 11:58 AM , Blogger Cameron said...

Hope he had a wonderful father's day!!!!!

At September 10, 2010 at 11:15 PM , Blogger Laura Elliott said...

What a beautiful post, wish I had thought to do something like this for my husband who is also a fantastic father - my little girl thinks he is the bees knees and rightly so! Oh well I got him a tent for father's day and I know that we're all going to have great fun going on family camping adventures!


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