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Monday, May 10, 2010

mom-friendly tech: muddled mommy needs help

When Levi was first born, trying to remember the details of when he last ate, for how long, which boob had been out... well, it all just felt completely overwhelming. Add to that, trying to recall when he last slept... and woke up… Let’s just say I was completely confused.

To make matters even more complicated, when your bub is first born the doc says to keep track of how many wees and poos they have in a day so you’ll know if the feeding is going well and your milk supply is on track.

Because I was also trying to keep tabs of when I last had what pain reliever (as I recovered from my C-Section), it was all just too much information for this muddled mommy brain to hold and process.

I tried writing it all down in a notebook, but that was hard to keep up for whatever reason, and I kept forgetting things and getting more frustrated trying to “back-log” things. As I sat there aggravated one afternoon thinking that there must be a better way... my eyes wandered to my husband’s iPhone.

Now, you have to understand that he uses that phone for everything you can imagine – not just the basics like calls, texts, and emails – but also things like storing recipes, doing conversions, tracking weather patterns, and playing bowling. (Several times I’ve heard those pins being knocked over from behind the locked bathroom door... I’ve finally discovered why he takes so long in the loo: he’s bowling! Or fishing or playing golf... But, I digress. Focus Mommy!)

Ok, so I was looking at his phone and I thought, if my husband can use that thing as a leveller when he’s installing shelves (yeah, there’s actually an ap for that!) then surely I could use it for something as practical as tracking my baby’s essentials.

I don’t have an iPhone (yes, I covet), but I do have an iTouch, which I love (more about mommy’s little friend the iTouch in another post). So I searched and found a free ap that did the trick: EatSleepLite

It tracks when you feed, for how long, which breast you feed from (and/or what order), when naps and sleeps start and end, and when and how many diapers you change (and what kind – wet or dirty or both). You can look at your results daily or filter it to get summaries of just one category. It was everything I needed, and it was much more fun (and quick) than trying to log things in a notebook. Perfect.

Although I’ve got the hang of things now and don’t use it anymore, it was so helpful to me during my first 8 weeks of learning how to care for bubsy (while my muddled mommy brain slowly cleared up a little... a very little).

So, for all those new mommies of newborns out there, if you have an iPhone or an iTouch, check it out! You’ll love it!

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At May 12, 2010 at 7:23 PM , Blogger Ryan said...

Oh no I have been sprung, games while going to the toilet. If for any reason you want to track your bowel moments there is an app for that, also you can map every location you do a number one or two. And after a while you can look at google to see were you have been and were you left your calling card. The thing you can find when you spend 20min on the toilet. But this comes with a warning you will get numb feet and when you get up you will get extreme pins and needles in the feet.
Love you honey. Great story

At May 12, 2010 at 7:41 PM , Blogger adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

Oh my goodness... Leave it to you to find an ap to track adult poos. (Did you write that one?!) At least I'm only tracking baby poos. :D Well, you're ridiculous and I love ya for it.
P.S. maybe someday I'll have you write a guest daddyhood post. :)


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