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the mommyhood memos: the word “booby” will always get your attention

Monday, May 10, 2010

the word “booby” will always get your attention

One of the most entertaining things I’ve found since beginning my journey into mommyhood is the amazing array of ridiculously named products. I’ve wondered at times if there’s actually a secret competition to see who can come up with the funniest, cleverest, and most absurd names for their companies.

Some of my favourites so far are for nursing covers: Peekabooby, Hooter Hiders, Udder Covers. (By the way, I looove my Peekabooby – see my review here.)

And then there are the breast feeding pillows. The winner, hands-down is My Breast Friend. Seriously?! I can’t believe I own a pillow that is named something so outlandish. Perhaps my favourite part about even owning this pillow was emailing my friend that was travelling from America back to Australia and asking her if she’s mind bringing me “My Breast Friend” as her carry-on! (Something sure to cause embarrassment for a 20-year-old single girl.) But actually...... I really like My Breast Friend. I once even made a salad while breast-feeding my son thanks to this pillow. (But more about that in another post!)

Another fave is the cleverly named The Deluxe Piddle Pad – a great little piddle and poo proof pad (by Kiddopotamus) that can be inserted into a car seat or pram/stroller to protect that oh-so-vulnerable bum area from your dear little one’s leaks and blowouts. (By the way, I love this product… it’s so much easier to wash a little insert than to wash the whole seat cover!)

What are your favourite funny baby/mommy product names?

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