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Sunday, May 9, 2010

just call me wondermom

I can remember clearly the first day of mommyhood that I had showered, gotten dressed (in actual clothes, not “house clothes”), done my make-up, fixed my hair, had a belly fully of breakfast, and made my bed before 9:00am.

It was yesterday.

No… in actuality, I’ve had a few days in my short mommyhood career where this was the case. But not so many that I don’t still feel incredibly talented when I’m able to pull it off. (Smile.)

Whoever thought that a shower and a neatly-made bed could make a grown woman feel so accomplished?

Until three months ago, I certainly didn’t.

When my son was first born we had three weeks of visiting parents – mine from overseas as well as my in-laws from interstate. It was a beautiful time of sharing the wonder of our new little bub with his proud first-time grandparents. It was also a wonderful time of having the extra help of my mom around the house. (Her favourite “chore” was washing my son’s tiny little outfits. “Laundry has never been so cute” she would say.)

But as great as the company and help had been… they inevitably left. (Of course hubs also went back to work.) And I was left with my little monkey all to myself.

That first day alone with my son was blissful, and well, just FULL. Aside from having a little human [seemingly] permanently move into my chest-space, changing lots of teensie-weensie diapers, and gazing at the cutest thing I’d ever laid eyes on, I’m pretty sure that the extent of my accomplishments for the day could be summed up in half a sentence.

Since then I’ve slowly been adding to my days: first it was showering and other personal hygiene “accomplishments”. Next it was eating-breakfast-before-noon accomplishments. Then came bed-making accomplishments and laundry accomplishments…. And soon even came responding-to-email accomplishments. (Yup, just call me Wondermom.)

It would be a gross understatement to say that my life had drastically changed.

Yes, my accomplishments are now much simpler than I ever imagined could possibly bring me a sense of achievement.

Case in point: The other day I was elated because I not only did three loads of laundry, but I also folded them in the same day. (Nevermind that it took another two days to transfer those neat little piles into drawers and cupboards.) But I’m sure as mommyhood goes on, so too will the list of things I’m able to manage without feeling as if I’m going to blow a gasket.

Maybe that means that one day soon I might actually get those baby announcements in the mail. You know, the ones that I designed nearly two-and-a-half months ago? Mmmm, maybe, just maybe.

But hey, let’s not forget, I was showered, prepped, and ready to face the day by 9:00am… yesterday.

A h…. I   a m   a m a z i n g. :)

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At October 15, 2010 at 9:11 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

This is something that all new mom's need to read - those first few weeks are a growing process for Mom's too. It's like learning how to be again.


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