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Monday, May 10, 2010

baby faves: moby wrap

I used to see these Moby Wraps on ladies and think they were so hippy-ish. Well, maybe they are but when I was having trouble getting my son to take naps, a friend loaned me hers. I put Levi in it and within 30 seconds he was out! On days when he wouldn’t nap (as a newborn) and I was desperate to get some things done around the house, I’d pop him in there and get nearly an hour-and-a-half sleep out of him. Genius! It was also a life-saver when we took our trip to America at 7 weeks. (Read more about that trip and tips on traveling with an infant here.) You can also use these wrapped in different ways to hold older babies, but we’re not there yet so I can’t comment further. But especially for my son’s newborn days, this worked a treat! You can call me Hippy Momma, but I love my Moby Wrap!!

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