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Monday, May 10, 2010

baby faves: fisher price aquarium bath centre

This Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Centre is the BEST baby bath! A friend of mine got it for us as a shower gift and I’m so glad she did. If I was to buy one, I’m sure I would have bought a simpler one (ok, cheaper one) without any “bells and whistles”. While this one doesn’t have any actual bells or whistles, it does have a baby hammock and a couple of toys for “showering” which are attached. It’s the baby hammock that I find so genius. The hammock attaches across the top of the bath for when bubs is a newborn. It allows you to rest the baby in the bath with his head well and truly above the water line as well as be semi-hands free. (Which is so helpful when you’re trying to get that washcloth in between all the chub folds of your precious bub.) Having this hammock insert is wonderful for when your bub is a newborn, especially for first-time-parents getting used to giving baths to a tiny little person. Then, when he outgrows the hammock, there is a reclining“seat” on one end of the bath (with a thin layer of foam on the bottom to help prevent slipping) which is perfect for babies just learning to sit up on their own. And then at the other end of the bath is an area big enough for babies that can sit up independently. It's a genius three-in-one. Love it!!

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