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Monday, May 10, 2010

baby faves: childcare captiva pram (stroller)

This is a perfect out-and-about stroller. We were given a Baby Love jogger (which my hubs calls the 4-wheel-drive, even though it’s a three-wheeler:) that we use for tromps around the neighbourhood and on bush walks, but we wanted something smaller to keep in the car that would be useful for me when I’m doing errands around town or going to the shopping centre. The Captiva has a smart, stylish design, it’s one of the lightest ones we found, can be opened with one hand, and only cost us $150 at Target Australia (on sale). The seat folds almost flat and is perfect for newborns, and the incline is on a pulley that adjusts as your child grows older (which also can be done with one hand). It’s exactly what we were looking for… and the price was fabulous considering you can spend SO MUCH MORE.

Update: After having this stroller for a while, I'm still generally very happy with it. BUT, there are a few "cons" that I thought I should pass on. Firstly, the shopping basket is quiet small, and it is also hard to get to when the seat is reclined for a newborn. And secondly, the one-handed steering capabilities are less than to be desired! You can steer with one hand, but not easily. I didn't realize how much this would bother me in the long run... and it's now one of the first things I say to new moms buying a stroller - make sure you can steer it one-handed! (I mostly notice this when I need to make or answer a quick phone call.) Overall, I still consider it a great purchase - good price, small, compact, lightweight, and stylish. It's a great "zip around town" or travel stroller for sure.

This is not a sponsored review, just passing on what I've experienced from one mom to another.

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