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Thursday, June 17, 2010

baby loves a shopping trip

Shopping just got so much more fun thanks to Levi’s latest milestone and our new Jeep Shopping Cart Cover!

Last week Levi sat up on his own for the first time... but what was really amazing to me was the fact that he went from being able to sit up for about 30 seconds on his own to lasting for several minutes all in the space of a week! As much as I was surprised at his latest (seemingly) overnight milestone, I was also really keen to try out our shopping cart cover.

You can tell by the photo what he thought of the whole experience! He’s never smiled and laughed so much on a shopping trip before. His new big boy status was obviously thrilling to him and the excursion was a big hit.

So, now that this Jeep Shopping Cart Cover is being added to my list of baby gear faves, I wanted to pass along the tip from one mommy to another. I did a lot of shopping around and comparisons and reading reviews online before I decided on this one. [Note: this is not a sponsored review.] 

Let me tell you why I personally recommend it:

Price. I got this one for $24.99 with free shipping on Amazon. That’s half the price of similar covers from other leading retailers (and a third of the price of one purchased in Australia). Bargain!

Germs. It covers not only the seat part of the cart, but also the sides and handle and anywhere that baby (and mommy for that matter) can reach. This is especially great at the moment since bubsy has decided that  everything is fair game to chomp on and put straight in his mouth for devouring. Genius!

Comfy. There’s lots of padding, making it oh-so-comfy, even for the novice sitter like my little guy. Lovely!

Safe. It has a safety harness to attach over little one’s chest to help keep him secure in the cart. Good for little monkeys like mine who are still perfecting the art of sitting up independently and also good for little monkeys who are older and want to be on the move. Phew!

Stylish. I love this brown, blue, green, and orange graphic combo. It’s a little more “boyish” looking than “girly”, but is still unisex enough for me to use for the next several years as we add to our family. Funky!

Convenient. I could easily put the cover in/over the cart with one hand while holding Levi with the other. (If you want to tie it in place with the little fasteners, that will obviously need both hands after bubby is in… but I personally don’t think that part’s all that necessary.) Great!

Portable. When not in use, the cover easily folds/rolls up inside an attached carry bag with handles – perfect to throw in the trunk of the car. Nice!

Handy. There’s a large zippered pocket big enough for a spare diaper, a small packet of wipes, and a burp cloth, as well as my keys, wallet, and phone. Oh, to consolidate! Bye bye diaper bag - woohoooo!! Freedom!

Detail. There are a few little cloth rings sewn onto the front of the cover so that you can attach a couple of toys or teethers without having to worry about you kiddo constantly throwing them over the edge. Wonderful!

Multi-purpose. It’s is also able to double as a restaurant high chair cover… And—though not marketed this way—I also thought you could use it as a change pad if you find yourself in a bind and need to use the floor or a bench or the back seat of your car for a diaper change while you’re out and about. Perfect!

Washable. This cover is fully machine washable. No explanation needed!! Fantastic!

So mommy-friends, I just wanted to pass on my latest and greatest baby gear find. We love it!

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At June 17, 2010 at 6:38 AM , Blogger Cameron said...

I am so happy you posted this!! I commented the other day & told you that my daughter just started sitting on her own the other day, too! So I've been looking around for a shopping cart cover, but they're all SO expensive!! I'm heading over to amazon right after this to get one of these!!

I gave you a blog award today! Check it out!

At June 17, 2010 at 10:01 AM , Blogger This Mom said...

Hi there!
Just found your blog, and I'm your newest follower. We're in Canada, but my husband and I were just talking tonight about considering a teaching exchange to Australia...I might have to get talking to you more about the Land Down Under!
Kate @ This Mom Loves

At June 17, 2010 at 10:09 AM , Blogger Mrs. Mother said...

My daughter also just started sitting on her own about two weeks ago (she will be seven months tomorrow), and I need to order one of these. They had just come out with them when my older DD was a baby, and I didn't get one. Thanks for adding me as a friend on MBC. I'm going to follow your blog and hope you will do the same.

At June 17, 2010 at 10:13 AM , Blogger Bella's World said...

I saw you on Ingenue's Blog and noticed you got a fabulous award today! ROCK ON! Anyway I wanted to check out your blog and i must say its fabulous! I will begin researching cart covers soon for bella! Maybe i can cut my research short now yay! Feel free to check out my blog! I am now following yours and its fabulousity!

At June 18, 2010 at 11:55 AM , Anonymous Mummy of 4 said...

Went straight to Amazon to order one of these fabulous covers and it says they wont ship it outside of the US. Im in Queensland and I was wondering how you got your cover posted.

At June 18, 2010 at 11:25 PM , Blogger adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

So glad I could help you ladies out with a tip! I really do think you'll be happy with it - we sure are! :)

Mummy of 4,
I actually had it shipped to my parents house in America when we were visiting them in March. Do they not ship to Australia? :( Do you have someone in America that could ship it over to you??



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